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With a new location opening, a new partnership, and six years of business under their belts, Hurtado Cavanaugh | Attorneys at Law had a lot to celebrate this month.

Formerly known as Hurtado Law Firm, owner and attorney Pablo Hurtado has been serving the local Southwest Florida area since 2011. The firm found its roots in immigration law, championing the legal citizenship and success of immigrants from all over the world. Hurtado, the son of immigrants himself, is inspired to help the generations of new Americans build brighter futures for themselves and our country.

This year the firm welcomed the new addition and partnership of attorney Daniel M. Cavanaugh, expanding their legal services to include personal injury, wrongful death, and more. Cavanaugh brings a wealth of experience and insight to the firm that the pair hope will allow them to better assist and represent their clientele.

“There’s a vision that Dan and I have to really serve the immigrant community,” said Hurtado. “For many years, that’s been immigration only. But there’s a lot of other legal needs here that must be met.”

“There’s a real under-representation of our clients,” Cavanaugh added. “From meeting with them and providing immigration services, we’ve learned that they often feel that they’re treated unfairly and that their interests aren’t being protected.”

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“The government, insurance companies, and private companies are taking advantage of people in the immigrant community,” Cavanaugh continued. “Because of that, we’ve decided to expand our services to be able to provide personal injury, wrongful death, some civil litigation, and criminal defense.”

The firm’s new growth has led to the success of opening a new office location to better serve the city of Cape Coral and the entirety of Southwest Florida.

“We’re very excited to announce that we’re opening an office in Cape Coral,” Cavanaugh said of the new offices. “We have a lot of clients that live in Cape Coral and we can now come out and see them in a more convenient location to them.”

The firm held an anniversary party on Tuesday, August 15, 2017 at their new office space to celebrate their good fortune and success. By expanding their practice and service area, Hurtado Cavanaugh hopes to continue to bring justice and legal expertise to Southwest Florida for years to come.

“We’re absolutely dedicated to helping our clients and people in our community get the justice that they deserve,” said Cavanaugh. “We’re willing to fight for them.”

  1. 09/04/2017

    Congrats. Thank you for being there. Best of luck Dan.

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